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N.D. County Offices

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Crop Insurance



Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

NDSU Research Stations     

American Society of Agronomy

          North Dakota Wheat Commission            

Canola Council

Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives

Top                                      Online Commodity Services

HyMark Agricultural Consulting, Solutions and Products

TFC Commodity Charts
Free commodity futures quotes, option quotes,
after market charts & more....

Agri-Mark can help get you the kind of crop revenues you're after...our three-year performance results prove it.

Heartland Investor Services Inc.

Locally owned Commodity brokerage firm offering full service
broker assisted accounts for hedging & speculating.Online
discount trading is available as well as access to personal
account balances.Free quotes & charts available.


When we started D&S Commodities in 1983, we did so to provide the best in commodity services. Our goal has been to carry the same high level of professionalism and reliability throughout all our services to all our clients.

STAT Ag Market News
The world's No 1 source of news and analysis for peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, and other specialty crops. We also cover grains and oilseeds.

Top                                                        Ag. Publications

North Dakota REC     Agweek

High Plains Journal

Farm and Ranch Guide Progressive Farmer Today Today's Top News

Bismarck Tribune, The Forum, Pioneer Plant, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Star Tribune, Washington Time, CNN

Ameritrade    Stock Quotes on MSN

Farm Journal Today
Farm Progress Companies
Progressive Farmer
Meredith's Successful Farming Online
Webb Intertec's Agricultural Media

Farm Journal's News Between the Issues

Successful Farming's @gNews

@gWorldwide. World News Headlines News Headlines

The Western Producer Weekly News from Canada

Prairie Farm Report Video Library

Farm and Ranch Video Library
This large video library contains tapes of interest to both grain
and livestock producers. Topics Include: Farm built Inventions,
Farm Shops, Cattle Handling Facilities, Grain Handlng Facilities,
Diversification Ideas, Vintage Farm Machinery and Farmyard Design
and Maintenance.  Visit us at

North Dakota Mill & Elevator    

North Dakota Mill
P.O. Box 13078
Grand Forks, ND 58208-3078

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